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welcome to nextgen:energy

NextGen Energy empowers you to give.

NextGen Energy provides electricity to residential and business customers, and then returns the profits to local schools, charities and community groups.

Our social enterprise principles mean that, unlike others, we’re not out to make maximum profit from you, but to ensure that a fair and equitable price for our services enables us to deliver positive benefits to you and your community.

So whether you are a household, a small business, a school or a high-use manufacturing plant, we have some of the most competitive rates available in your region.


Our price plans and bills are simple, clear and fair.

No gimmicks and No minimum-term contracts.

So we don’t charge you more in order to give you a ‘customer loyalty‘ payment if you’re thinking of leaving us.

We don’t inflate our prices in order to give you a ‘prompt-payment‘ discount and we don’t entice you in with ‘great sign-up deals’ designed to tie you in to long-term contracts.

No-one likes paying their power bills, so make it worthwhile, knowing that you are also supporting our children’s future and delivering programs to those in most need.