about nextgen energy

nextgen:energy is a new kind of

Welcome to NextGen Energy – A Power Company giving back to your community.

We supply affordable electricity, solar power options and offer energy-saving advice. Our goal is to save you money on what we believe should be an affordable, and equitable, necessity – electricity.

The company grew out of a number of solar energy related programs being developed in Nelson, when it became clear that the main power companies were really not all that interested in pursuing the development of solar power as an addition to NZ’s renewable energy supply.

This seeded the idea for the creation of a new dedicated and sustainable retail power company. One that was focused on growing solar power as a part of NZ’s renewable energy targets.

Our goal is to ensure that the profits generated by our power company are distributed equitably, and our business is for the social good offering financial support to the community and charities.

We also wanted to help our customers become more energy wise. We actively work with customers to use less electricity and therefore pay less and become more energy efficient.

No-one likes paying their power bills, so make it worthwhile, knowing that you are also supporting our children’s future and delivering programs to those in most need.