bills & payments

Direct Debit payments

In order to keep our prices low, we kindly ask that bills are paid in full by Direct Debit.

Your bill will arrive at least 10 days before your account is debited.

You may also pre-pay any amounts, at any time to suit you….weekly, fortnightly or other interval.

For budgeting purposes, we offer the ability to smooth your payments over the entire year into equal monthly payments. These will be estimated when you join us, and will be adjusted upwards or downwards with your agreement.

Optional Payment methods

In cases of difficulty or hardship, we will, by exception, offer alternatives payment methods to you.

You can pay your bill (or any amount) by online banking, by debit/credit card via the phone to our Customer Services Team and where available, via direct WINZ payment.

     plus, coming soon:   

NextGen to use ‘Paperless Billing’

As an eco-friendly company, we have decided to eliminate excess paperwork by sending your monthly bill straight to your e-mail inbox.

It’s convenient, fast and secure, cuts down on paper waste and allows us to donate the cost of the stamp to a local charity.

Your bill will arrive in PDF format, and is able to be opened by the free Adobe Reader (download a copy here).