community partner program

Download Community Partner Program Flyer

Print this flyer that explains the Community Partner Programme for your board meetings and noticeboards and anyone who doesn’t do websites.

Supporting local schools and charities

NextGen Energy is New Zealand’s first not-for-profit energy retailer, harnessing the power of a hugely profitable industry to help communities make change.

We offer community organisations ongoing financial support by giving our profits back to the community as cash donations and rebates (as well as reducing the cost of energy).

Like any energy retailer, by purchasing electricity wholesale for the wider community, we command a lower cost and sell it at a higher one.  The more customers we have, the more profit we make.  Unlike most retailers, we then share all our net profit with our customers and the community organisations they choose.

On the left, we have provided organisations with resources to contact their supporters or members and ask, “please choose us!”

Our vision is for organisations across New Zealand to be able to work more effectively – with a long-term enhanced budget and, perhaps, a more engaged membership – and grow sustainable wellbeing in our communities.


Our profit-sharing donations are:

  • Democratic and transparent – The amount each organisation receives is not dependent on NextGen’s choices but on the decisions of our customers. A financial report is published each donation period and customers are kept informed about “their contribution”.
  • Ongoing and regular – They are not one-off; organisations do not need to keep reapplying like they would by applying for grants, saving time and money. They are calculated and issued quarterly.
  • Unlimited and unconditional – They are not capped; there are no minimum or maximum numbers of customers who can choose your organisation. They are not targeted; the donations can be spent however the organisations wish, for the benefit of their communities. There are no costs, risks, contracts or tie-ins of any kind, just a quick and easy initial setup process.