partnering with local schools

Partnering with local schools is fundamental to why we're here..

The financial pressure on our schools has never been greater, requiring school Principals, staff and trustees to spend ever more time on fundraising activities. But ask any parent/teacher group and they will tell you that school fundraising is both massively time-consuming and often falls to the same small group of individuals.

Some schools are lucky in that local businesses are happy to give cash or resources to schools as part of their community work or in return for positive publicity. However, of more interest to NextGen Energy, schools are also discovering the value of involving partnership companies in delivering curriculum programmes, and the benefits students can derive through working with local employers.

It is clear, however, that three key factors mean there have never been more demands on school funds than there are today:

  • The shifting position of the government on centrally delegated funds for schools
  • A raft of new educational initiatives
  • the relentless rise of technology in the classroom

These factors have for example led to the increase in schools requiring ‘voluntary parental contributions’ amongst other things.

NextGen seeks to play a leading role in increasing the community focus of businesses and the many charities and other groups involved with the funding for schools.

To this end, we have created this new funding model for schools – paid for from the profits generated by ordinary people paying their power bills.