One Million Solar Panels

Nelson, New Zealand (30 Oct 2018) – Nelson-based power company NextGen Energy has today announced its commitment to long-term, large-scale solar power generation in NZ with details of a $300m private investment program over the next 10 years to build solar and energy storage assets around the country. NextGen has brought together skills and funding from an international consortium and this program represents the largest investment in renewables in NZ for many years.

NextGen Energy has tried in vain to engage with central government over the past 5 years, and this announcement clearly identifies NextGen Energy as the only power company in NZ deeply committed to large grid-scale solar energy generation.

“NextGen Energy is creating disruptive opportunities within the NZ electricity sector, and actively pursues the adoption of new technologies.” says Mark Binskin, COO. “NextGen is already supplying retail power across a number of lines company regions, but our underlying strategy requires us to generate that electricity ourselves in order to guarantee low-price power.”

NextGen has entered into multi-year strategic supply and logistics programs with major global partners to support the rollout of one million solar panels, constructed in distributed, decentralized farms across the country. Typical solar farm sized are in the order of 1-2MW (3 – 6,000 panels). Resource consents applications for the first 10,000 panels in two locations across the Top of the South are now under way.

Binskin says “The ability to guarantee price affordability into the future and to fix those prices against spot market volatility is core to NextGen’s social and equitable programs. The company is seeking to engage with central and local government and lines companies to develop community-owned generation assets, as well as supporting businesses to transition to low-carbon electricity by purchasing their own ‘solar farm’.”

Retail customers are also able to purchase solar panels in these ‘off-site’ farms and have the power delivered directly to them at substantial discounts compared to the traditional rooftop solar model.

All surplus power will be used to support the work of social agencies working with those families most affected by rising power prices. The social enterprise company operates as a not-for-profit, uniquely donating all net profits to local schools and charities.


CONTACT: Mark Binskin (Chief Operations Officer), mob 022 539 3516 , email

Spot price electricity

Tempted by buying at wholesale prices from companies such as Flick Electric and others?

Whilst their websites make it all sound very easy and glamorous, with “no-risk ways” to save money, there’s a catch…. to review this month’s ACTUAL power prices that you would have paid by buying at spot rates,take a look at the graph.

Since 1st August, the early morning and evening peak times have suffered from extended periods (several hours at a time) of high spot prices, largely caused by high demand coupled with little or no reserves offered by the big generators.

So instead of a typical spot price of 8 cents per unit (Stoke GXP), the price has averaged up to 40 cents and peaked at 93 cents per unit – that’s almost a dollar per unit of power.

If you typically use 6-10 units of power after 5pm (which most homes do), then isntead of paying a spot price of 80 cents for the peiod, you would have paid up to $4 for the same period…. and so if these extended prices continue (which seems to be likely), then this could add an extra $100-$120 to your bill for the month.


Spot purchasing over extended periods (years) CAN offer a saving – but this is the risk that NextGen Energy takes on your behalf.

We now accept Bitcoin!

The world may have gone mad on bitcoin, but it remains a valid way to pay your bill.

If you would like to receive details, please contact us and we’ll reply with instructions and our wallet address.


In the meantime, here’s a copy of the Press Release announcement:

Nelson, New Zealand (11 Jan 2017) – Nelson-based power retailer NextGen Energy announces it is now accepting Bitcoin for payment of electricity bills. The social enterprise company operates as a not-for-profit, uniquely donating all net profits to local schools and charities.

“NextGen Energy is creating disruptive opportunities within the NZ electricity sector, and actively pursues the adoption of new technologies.” says Tom Wheatley, CEO, “NextGen is already supplying power to a number of crypto-currency mining operations, and the ability to pay for the power in Bitcoin simply makes sense. We are now extending this option to all our customers.”

The company is also active in developing blockchain based technology applications for data transfer, meter reading and peer to peer trading applications, as well as electric vehicle charging payments.

This move by NextGen makes them the first power company in NZ to accept Bitcoin payments.


NextGen Energy and Victory Community Centre join forces to support local community

At NextGen Energy, we believe in the principle of being in business to help others. We believe in contributing to making the world a better place. We believe in the power of sustainability, the importance of saving energy and money. And we believe in giving back.

We created our community partner program to foster strong partnerships that drive change. We want to support our local communities. Because community connects people. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can support each other better.

This is why we are very excited to welcome Victory Community Centre, our newest community partner on board. VCC is one of the biggest community centres in the Nelson/Tasman Region. They offer a wide range of community health & family supports and services, and co-ordinate a large program of activities and events.

By becoming NextGen Energy’s strategic partner, the Victory Community Centre will be able to access cheaper electricity and save on its power bills. Also, every NextGen customer will have the opportunity to support any of our existing partners, including the Community Centre.

If you would like to find out more about our Community Partner Program, how to become our partner or how to support our partners, click here.

New partnership with Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter

Photo: Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter

We are proud to welcome on board the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust as our new community partner.

The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust administers a professional air rescue service throughout the Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough & Buller regions.

Each year they assists in over 450 missions. These include medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, search and rescue, industrial and rural accidents.

At NextGen Energy, our business model is centered wholly around the principle of being in business to help others.

We believe in strong partnerships that drive change and contribute to a more sustainable world.

This is why we donate 100% of our net profits to schools and charitable or social causes chosen by our customers. Now, Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter is one of them.

If you would like to know more about our Community Partner Program, click here.


Rooftop solar designed for architects

Rooftop solar designed for architects!

NextGen Energy has come up with a solution that should please those architects and designers keen to preserve the simplicity and integrity of a clean roof line.

If you would like to design a home/building using solar energy, but you would rather keep your rooftop stylish and the panels out of sight, this might be exactly what you were looking for: solar365_Architects_2017

For more information on solar365, click here.

Solar energy without the panels!

We are introducing our solar365™ plan,

offering all the benefits of solar power, at around HALF the cost and
with NO rooftop panels.


Up until now, the upfront cost of installing solar panels has been a major obstacle for many homeowners. And those renting haven’t had an option to ‘go solar’.

Now we’ve made it a whole lot easier and more affordable.
With NextGen’s solar365, it’s a lot cheaper AND no rooftop panels needed.

Available exclusively in New Zealand from NextGen Energy.
For more information, visit our website here.

Hello and Welcome!

We are so thrilled to have you on board among our very first subscribers and clients. We also would like to thank all of you  who are showing interest in our company. We are proud to launch NextGen Energy’s News section. By reading this post, you have just become part of a growing NextGen community, joining us on a mission to innovate change in the NZ electricity industry. To create a more sustainable and a socially equitable future. To care for our environment. And for each other. Inspiring, isn’t it?

It’s hard to believe that after 18 months of preparation, a successful audit and great teamwork, the work has paid off and NextGen Energy, New Zealand’s first and only not for profit power company was launched in Nelson/Tasman in October 2016. The initial kick-off period has been hectic, with setting up the business, making sure everything is functional, and paving the way to some solid, long lasting partnerships.

We are proud to say that we have started to provide clean, reliable, low-cost electricity to our residential and business customers all around the Nelson-Tasman region, and equally proud to have laid the foundations for much needed donations to local schools and charities.

We expect 2017 to be full of new experiences, positive change, a growing and thriving community, developing new projects, and continuing to supply affordable (and renewable) energy for all our new customers.

We are glad to have you on board, and we are truly looking forward to delivering positive benefits for you and your community.

The NextGen Team