about the nextgen group

Introducing the NextGen group of companies

The NextGen Group companies have been established as ‘businesses for social good’, vertically integrated power companies that will uniquely reinvest their profits in local communities, charities and schools across NZ.

NextGen Energy was the first group company to launch – providing power to residents in the Nelson and Tasman regions in October 2016.

NextGen Group was an idea that was spun out of Nelson’s ‘greentech’ business incubator, www.greenxchange.co.nz. The greenXchange remains the largest shareholder behind NextGen.

NextGen Group Ltd currently manages 2 related entities, and provides governance, finance and strategic support at a group level to:

  • NextGen Energy Ltd – retail electricity solutions to homes and businesses, operating as a not for profit
  • NextGen Systems Ltd – large-scale solar generation and infrastructure services for community energy schemes


Details on company ownership may be found at the Companies Office website using the following link: