our vision & values

A mission to innovate change

At NextGen Energy, we know that reliable, clean, and affordable energy is essential to a brighter, more sustainable and socially equitable future. That’s why we’re committed to providing innovation, best-in-class performance and fostering thought leadership to help drive progress for our customers and our communities.

NextGen’s mission is to be New Zealand’s leading diversified energy company – by providing reliable, clean, affordable and innovative energy products.

Values to cultivate change

We deliver safe environments

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and well-being for our people, our customers and the communities in which we live and work. As a fundamental part of our culture and operations, every member of the NextGen team is dedicated to creating safe and healthy environments in which to prosper.

We actively pursue excellence

We are driven to excel. Recognizing the value of constant improvement, we reach beyond compliance to advance our processes and develop more efficient energy systems. In all we do, we passionately exceed the standards of our industry – and those we set for ourselves – creating positive value for our staff, customers and communities.

We innovate to better serve our customers

We see every challenge as an opportunity to exercise our ingenuity and our competitive spirit. We encourage curiosity and exploration to develop better ways of delivering clean energy. We innovate with focus and intent, creating the solutions that matter most for our customers.

We act with integrity and are accountable to our communities and the environment

We are committed to doing what’s right. A deep connection to the communities we serve compels us to take responsibility for our work, and we actively look for ways to engage and give back. We undertake to act as guardians to our environment and work to reduce our impact with future generations in mind.

We succeed as an inclusive and diverse team

We are cultivating a ‘Teal’ style organisational environment, and promote an equitable and inclusive culture of trust, collaboration and performance through the use of nested teams. We welcome and respect people with different perspectives, backgrounds and traits because we know that diverse teams drive powerful outcomes.