solar for business

Adding solar power to your business can fix your daytime power prices for 25 years

Solar panels offer a fantastic addition to any business, small or large. The key benefits are:

  • Reduced annual energy bills
  • Fixed price for daytime power
  • Prominent, public facing, projection of your green values
  • Reduced CO2 output resulting in improved carbon accounting figures
  • Generation of income from unused power

Using the latest in global technology, we assist our solar PV clients to meet today’s business objectives with the flexibility to capitalize on tomorrow’s growth.

Solar panels are becoming ever more cost-effective as renewable energy generating technology, and we design systems for roofs, walls, windows, car parks and off-grid sites.

Call us today FREE on 0800 890 146 and speak to a Solar Specialist and we’ll offer you a no-obligation quote tailored to your business.

In addition to traditional rooftop solar, our sister company, NextGen Systems, designs, supplies, installs, commissions and maintains a wide range of solar-based, grid connected, commercial systems, including:

  • Solar PV for power generation
  • Building Integrated PV (roof and wall-cladding systems)
  • Solar Carports & EV charging stations
  • Municipal Solar (street lighting)
  • Community Power via Local distributed generation
  • Electricity Storage systems

For further details on NextGen Systems please see their website at