Go Solar today with solar365 from NextGen Energy.

Start saving now!

This offer is available to all NextGen residential and commercial customers.

  • No rooftop panels

  • No maintainence

  • No monthly fees

Clean, renewable, solar power with none of the hassle.

solar365 - offsite solar from nextgen:energy

Generating your own electricity from the sun makes good economic sense, but the costs associated with installing solar panels on the roof can be an expensive obstacle for many home-owners.

But now, NextGen Energy, the not for profit power company, has just made it a whole lot easier and more affordable.

solar365 offers all the benefits of solar power, at around HALF the cost but with NO rooftop panels.

In fact, there’s no equipment at your home at all.

So where are the panels?

NextGen Energy not only supply year-round low-cost electricity, we also generate our own electricity from solar panels in large ground mounted ‘farms’ connected directly to the national grid. Instead of a traditional but expensive rooftop installation, you simply purchase generation known as “panels” from one of our solar ‘farms’ that we are now building across NZ.

We’ll work with you to determine the optimum number of “panels” to suit your electricity requirements and your budget.

The solar electricity produced will be directly credited to you on your monthly power bill.

That’s a credit of 1kWh unit of electricity per solar panel, per day, every day, 365 days per year – irrespective of the weather or season!

It’s easy to add more if your energy usage increases, and we’ll even offer to buy a a bit back from you if your energy use goes down.

And if you move house – even away from the area – the solar credits automatically follow your bill. Simple.

There isn’t a better solar deal anywhere in NZ. Guaranteed.


Renting a home? Leasing business premises?

No problem. With solar365 you don’t need to own a roof, so now you can go solar with none of the hassle.

Call us FREE on 0800 890 146 and speak to one of our solar specialists.

* We estimate that the cost of ‘going solar’ with our solar365 program is about half the price of a conventional rooftop solar installation. A full written quotation will be provided based on your individual details.