We invite you to join our launch partner, Nelson Central School, in a new long-term community funded initiative aimed at schools across New Zealand.

Schools tend to use all their power during the day, making solar power a perfect fit – which is why the solar4schools™ program was created. However investing in solar power is outside the budget of most schools. So NextGen Energy gifts solar systems to schools, paid for out of the energy trading profits of school group members.

This program has the ability to create a cash/benefits package worth up to $20,000 annually, directly credited to the school at the end of each year. There are no costs involved and no contracts, leases or fixed payments of any kind.

By using the buying power of the whole school community, the program makes solar power a reality for every school, raises community awareness of renewable energy and helps create a sustainable future for all our children. Plus we invite teachers, parents and whanau to all benefit from the special school price structure.

Benefits of the program:

  • Reduced electricity bills – every school that joins will receive reduced power bills from our special school-only tariff plus the installation of the solar panels means the schools will save money from Day 1
  • An annual cash donation – every signed-up school will also receive a percentage of the total monthly power from all the families, friends and business (anywhere in New Zealand) that switch to NextGen and nominate ‘their’ school.
  • Cash signup bonus – NextGen will also donate to the school $50 cash for every individual member that signs up to support your school
  • FREE solar panels – installed and connected (on-site or off-site)
  • A monthly income – from any excess solar power exported to the grid
  • A free teaching resource pack – schools also have a practical opportunity to engage students with environmentally-friendly technology, sustainable development and wise energy use

Simply put, money freed-up means our schools have more to spend on educational outcomes.

To register for the solar4schools™ program, or for further information, please contact us at

Full details will be sent to your school on receipt of an email enquiry from either the Principal/Head Teacher or a member of the Board of Trustees.