triple solar guarantee

NextGen's Triple Solar Guarantee

NextGen Energy (and formerly NZ SolarFarms) have been actively involved in many residential and commercial installations across the top of the south over the past 5 years. We have supplied a number of systems of note, such as at Nelson Airport and NMIT.

And we’re so confident in our ability to professionally design, best-value supply and safely install our solar PV systems, that we have introduced our TRIPLE SOLAR GUARANTEE.

1. Price Match Guarantee

Our price match policy is unbeatable. We’ll match any professionally produced written quote, and supply identical or better products for the same price as any local solar installation company. But we’ll also pay you 15c/kWh for any exported power for as long as you remain a NextGen customer. Guaranteed.

2. Power Output Guarantee

Our system designs are second to none. In accordance with the Standards, a full review of your power usage is undertaken before any design is agreed upon. Then we calculate the total annual output from your panels to work out your yearly cost saving. This is the guarantee most worth having – will your panels produce the cost savings we offered? We believe they will – and if they don’t, we’ll pay you the cash difference annually. Guaranteed.

3. Export Tariff Guarantee

To redress the balance caused by the big power companies slashing their buyback rates, we offer the highest export prices in New Zealand. Guaranteed.

Why have we taken this approach?

Simply, because every industry has its cowboys and residential solar energy is no different. And in 2017, solar energy seems to be available from everyone, from plumbers to carpet companies.

The solar industry in NZ is unregulated, and, in our experience, subject to insufficient professional oversight by the industry membership body. This in our view has led to an unsustainable industry that operates in a ‘race to the bottom’ in terms of local price-competition, and often fails to meet the customer’s needs, the requirements of the Standards that cover design and installation and even the trade body’s own core ‘Principles’.

Whilst the theory and design of solar electricity is not in itself a ‘black art’, it does require experience, flexibility of approach, 100% compliance with Standards and Health and Safety regulations and provides consistent and accurate documentation.

Systems designed by NextGen Energy incorporate all of these qualities, and form the basis of our current work towards our ISO9001 Quality Assurance accreditation.

In the meantime, we’ll do what we can to ensure that solar’s reputation is upheld by delivering first-class, fully compliant and fully warranted solutions.